Healthier English Breakfast

English breakfast.jpg

Ingredients – Serves 1

2 turkey sausages or vegetarian alternative

2 rashers of turkey bacon

1 egg (poached, fried, scrambled)

1 portobello mushroom

1 salad tomato cut in half

½ can baked beans

Handful of spinach

1 piece of bread (preferably whole meal or seeded

5g of butter or your choice of margarine


1.     Cook the sausage as per the packet instructions and also place the mushroom and tomato in the oven at the same time

2.     Cook your egg in the way of your choice and also your bacon rashers (this should take no more than 6-10 minutes)

3.     Warm your baked beans on the hob

4.     Place your spinach in a microwave bowl, add salt and pepper to taste and microwave until wilted approx. 3 minutes

5.     Toast your bread and butter when ready

6.     Once everything is done it is time to plate up!  


Great for breakfast but I also love it for lunch and dinner.  Plus with half the calories of a normal fry up, it is a winner for me.

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