Open Sandwich Ideas

Open Sandwiches

Ingredients – Serves 1

2 slices of bread toasted - whole meal, seeded

10g butter/margarine 

Topping idea 1

50g sliced chicken

50g wilted Spinach - i place mine in a microwaveable bowl with a pinch of slat and pepper and microwave for 1 minute

20g roasted red pepper - you can find this in most supermarkets 

Topping idea 2

40g smoked salmon

25g light spreadable cheese

20g Cucumber

Topping idea 3

Half can tuna mixed with 20g light mayonnaise 

Pinch salt and pepper

20g sliced red onion

30g grated light cheese


  1. Take your bread and toast it - this helps give the open sandwich some stability

  2. Spread with the butter/margarine

  3. Take the toppings of your choice and get creative! Add the toppings in the order that you want. Make them look amazing!



I love open sandwiches.  It really showcases the fillings you have chosen and obviously takes away the second piece of bread that would be on top.  

Why not try the same things on crispbreads!  They taste great and have less calories.

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