Free 10-minute, low impact, Pilates Barre workout you can do at home!


As life starts to return to normal after Lockdown a lot of my clients are finding it hard to fit in their exercise goals. We all know that 1 exercise class a week is not enough physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle but how can we fit in this valuable movement time?

As a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor it is my job to help people attain their goals and I often give homework to clients so they can keep seeing improvements. Daily exercise is a must and can help us not only physically but mentally as well. For years I have enjoyed Barre and if I am not doing Pilates or at the gym doing weights, you can usually find me doing a Barre workout. Pilates Barre is a great way to enjoy both styles of workout and is a perfect low impact exercise that all abilities can enjoy.

Below is a free 10-minute Pilates Barre workout that you can fit into your busy day. So, grab some water and put on some of your favourite music and give it a whirl!

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