Has your New Year health kick gone awry?

So here we are in February already and let’s be honest Lockdown No. 3 wasn’t part of our New Year plan! Not only does the lockdown put a strain on everyday life but it also makes those New Year’s resolutions harder to maintain.

On an average year 35% of Britons say weight loss is their resolution, 33% say getting fitter and 31% say eat healthier, however 63% of people fail to maintain it for more than 1 month! But 2020/21 isn’t a normal year and sticking to your health-based resolution will be even harder, especially with the closures of gyms and having to stay at home. So how can you keep on track?

A healthy diet doesn’t mean a boring one and it doesn’t mean go hungry!

Invest in some healthy eating cooking books, or research online for recipe ideas – see how to claim your free Healthy Eating Guide below


Plan meals ahead of time

Before doing the weekly shop write down what you plan to eat for lunch/dinner each day. Not only does this cut down on your food bill, it gives you time to plan nutritious meals and stops you grabbing the quick, less nutritious foods when you are hungry

Eat little and often

I know people say this a lot but it is true! If you eat smaller meals more often you are less likely to binge on less nutritious foods. You will see an improvement to your mood (no one like to get hangry) and also your productivity.

Keep hydrated!

Did you know that the human brain can sometimes misinterpret thirst for hunger? Make sure you drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) throughout the day. Try getting a drink before grabbing a snack and where possible keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Movement is key

If your goal is to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit (burn more calories than you consume), in order to do this, you need to eat less and move more. This can be hard so start small and work your way up to longer workouts. Try taking a short walk every day and increasing the distance each week, make sure you get up and walk about once every hour and you can even join an exercise class (I do teach 2 a week online including 1-2-1 sessions).

Remember ‘One healthy meal will not cancel out a bad diet and one less nutritious meal doesn’t ruin a healthy lifestyle’

To claim your free Healthy Eating Guide and Recipe;

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